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I really like drag, Disney, Pokemon, lesbian porn, red lipstick, drawing, the Legend of Zelda, the Steve Wilkos show, and my dogs. Not necessarily in that order.

I feel good about myself. Sometimes.I don’t need make-up or done-up hair, not even flattering angles or edits, good lighting, distractions, things I mask myself with on a daily basis. 
I challenge the girls that follow me (the… lol, two people?) to just take a picture of yourself that you think you’ll look disgusting in, but be serious about it. You don’t have to post it on Tumblr, but it helps you take a good hard look at yourself. Take a second to notice your flaws, and your perfections. The good will outweigh bad. After you’ve realized your flaws and move on, no one can tell you otherwise: You’re beautiful. Believe it, girls, boys, and everything in between.
Fall in love with yourself.
/sappy post
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Holy crap, I’m pathetic.
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This looks like a dirty/ginger joke waiting to happen. EEEHEHE.
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